What to Use with your Vector Editing Apps

Do you already have vector editing apps that you can work with your project? If you do, it’s definitely time to look for a vector website that offers high quality vectors. There are a number of vector sources in the market. Some offer them cheaply. Others are for free. While there are a handful of reliable free vector sources, we recommend (as always) getting your vectors from a reputable website. It may cost you a few dollars but you will certainly be protected.

So, where can you download your vectors?

VectorFresh – VectorFresh is the revolutionary vector source for creatives. It offers variety, quality and affordable vector files. Here are a few things you need to know about the website:

  • Millions of high quality vectors are available in the library.
  • All files are hand-checked for compatibility, quality and functionality.
  • The annual price is so affordable.
  • Thousands of fresh vectors are added every week.
  • Backed by industry experts

Join VectorFresh today and take advantage of the early bird offer. For only $49 per year, you can access over 1 million files and download 100 vectors every month. You also get a lifetime royalty free license, so you can use the vectors for as long as you want. More good news from the team – you can keep your early bird pricing as long as you remain a member. Plus, there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Use your vector editing apps with VectorFresh and you will save both time and money. Editing your apps on the go provides you with more time to spend with your family. Gone are the days when you have to stay behind to finish your project. Bring your work with you and enjoy the time with your loved ones. Now, you also get to save more for future trips. VF offers very affordable annual prices.



Icon Pack Android: What You Should Know


When it comes to downloading icons, there are many factors to consider – including size and file format. These changes regularly with every major release, so always check out the guidelines. Icons create a unified look and feel throughout the user interface. It also makes the UI seem more professional to users. For a polished and unified experience for users, here’s what you should know about icon pack android:

Common Types of Icons Used in Android Applications

  • Launcher icons
  • Menu icons
  • Action Bar icons
  • Status Bar icons
  • Tab icons
  • Dialog icons
  • List view icons

An icon pack android is a collection of template designs, layer styles and texture that makes it easier for you to download icons that conform to the guidelines. The icons have similar designs that make a polished and unified look and feel used for the website. Click for more.

Icons for android require five separate sizes for various screen pixel densities. Icons for lower resolution are automatically created from the baseline mdpi. At IconTail, all icons are optimized for Android starting at 24 pixels mdpi. For higher resolutions, you can download 48 pixels XHDPI and 96 pixels XXHDPI.

Smart Stroke Control
One of the best things about IconTail is that is allows you to change the stroke size of the icons easily. With Adobe Illustrator using smart stroke control, you can increase 1 pixel to 4 pixels without hassle.

Purchase your icon pack android from IconTail and get access to over 2050 vector icons. The most popular plan at $99 allows you to download icons with any file format, including PNG which is commonly used in android icons. All icons come with a friendly license, allowing you to use them in personal and commercial purposes for as long as you like. The plan comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

What are you waiting for? Access the biggest icon pack android from www.icontail.com now!




Dollar Photo Club Images that Turn Readers Off

Join Dollar Photo Club

Join Dollar Photo Club

The Dollar Photo Club offers millions of high resolution royalty-free images. With a premium collection of photos and vectors, you will surely find what you are looking for. But, you also need to know which images to avoid as they can turn your readers off. These images will distract your readers with their visual dominance and will convey the impression that you are incompetent and incompetent.

Here are the type of images that you should avoid like the plague:

  • Avoid stock images that look like stock images. The generic dullness and lack of imagination of stock images will rub your readers off. Keep in mind that just because a stock image is attractive, it is also effective. The Dollar Photo Club has a wide collection of images. Browse through the deeper pages to find what you need.
  • Avoid any kind of poor quality images. If you will be incorporating pixelated images, it is better not to show anything at all. Badly-resized, over-compressed, low resolution and shoddy looking images turn your readers off. It is best to stay away from them.
  • Avoid crowd shots. Oftentimes, readers find crowd shots boring because there is no one they can focus on. As much as possible use images with single subjects. You can also use images with up to three subjects. For instance, rather than using a photo of a single daisy on the sidewalk, choose a stock photo of three daisies.
  • Do not use bigger than life-size image of faces. Most readers find this slightly grotesque.
  • Do not incorporate historical subjects. Unless your audience is history enthusiasts, it is a safe bet that most readers find historical shots boring.
  • Avoid Dollar Photo Club photos with no clear relevance. If the image you are using has no clear relationship with your value proposition, they will only confuse your readers. They will be pointless distractions. Worst, they will give the wrong impression to your readers as they are left disappointed and tricked.

Dollar photo Club Homepage

How do you avoid images that turn your readers off? It is pretty simple actually. Make use of captions. If you cannot come up with a good caption, it is probably because the image is just wasting your space. The best kind of Dollar Photo Club images for your website comes in two types: those with story appeal and those that demonstrate. The former is best placed above your headline while the latter demonstrates your message.

With these types of images, it is difficult to go wrong. The higher their quality, the better. Fortunately, the Dollar Photo Club alternative offers high resolution images. Their premium collection of photos and vectors provides you with a versatile range of choices.

Getting the Best Quality Images with an iStock Promo Code

istock_logoAre you looking for the best quality of images for your creative projects? Well, you should be. Your brand deserves only the best images to complement your core message better. It needs only the highest quality to attract more readers and visitors. Fortunately, iStock offers exactly the images you need and more. The website offers images suitable for your everyday download as well as hand-picked images that suit your unique taste.

iStock has millions of images, illustrations and vectors in its library. Thus, you will surely find the image that best suits your creative project. If you are worried about the budget, you do not have to be. The website offers these amazing images at ridiculously great prices. You will surely find a credit pack or subscription plan that fits your budget. Moreover, there are iStock promo codes that can help you further your savings.

How do you search for files in the website’s vast library?


There are two types of subscriptions: Essentials and Signature. The Essentials subscription allows you to access typical images suitable for everyday downloads, while the Signature subscription gives you access to a premium, hand-picked collection. To search for the images with each subscription, simply look for the collections filter. Select Essentials to view images available in the Essentials collections and Signature to view the Signature collection.

Keep in mind that unlike files licensed with credits, images licensed with subscriptions have limited duration. They can only be used on an end project with 30 days period. At the end of the subscription, the license also end or terminates. Refunds can also be made with image subscriptions, provided they are made within 14 days of the purchase. Also, you should not have downloaded over 5 images and have not made use of them.

Using iStock Images


When you download an image from iStock, you are purchasing a royalty-free license. This means that you can use the image in various ways – marketing, advertising, blogs and presentations. All images come with a standard license, which means you only have to pay for the initial download. You do not have to pay the contributor every time you use the image. If you want to use the image in more ways, you can add an extended license to your download.

Now that you have found the best images for your website, blog and any other creative project, you will be happy to know that they are available in affordable prices. Yes, iStock offers its vast collection at ridiculously great prices. Plus, the website offers iStock promo codes that you can use to further your savings. You can save up to twenty percent more for other important expenses.